Ideal time for Pre Emergent is right around the corner!

What’s the one word that all who love their lawn hate to hear? Crabgrass!

Crabgrass is the number one pest grass that we in Metro Atlanta see during the summer.  Crabgrass germinates from seed every year, making it an annual grass.   This is different than a perennial grass which survives from year to year from its root system.

So what’s so special about that little piece of information? Annual grasses are much easier to control with Pre Emergents.  With the correct application of Pre Emergent we can control Crabgrass 100%!  Meaning you will not see ANY Crabgrass.  Applications are set to start in February! Don’t miss out.

In the picture below you can see the difference.  The left side of the picture is treated with Pre Emergent, where the right side is not.  Notice all of the inconsistencies on the right compared to the left.  

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