Advanced Turf Care offers a variety of services. Turf grass management is our specialty. The management aspect of turf grass includes all pesticide and fertilizer applications, aeration for your Bermuda and Zoysia lawns and aeration and over-seeding for your Fescue lawn. Interested in changing the variety of turf grass in your lawn? Advanced Turf Care can install new sod of any kind. Or perhaps your Fescue lawn has taken a hit from the summer stress. We can renovate your lawn to look brand new the following Spring season.

With the warm summer months that are we in Atlanta are so accustomed to also comes the potential for disease and insect activity in your lawn. Using the latest and most effective fungicides and insecticides, Advanced Turf Care can stop disease and insects in their tracks.

Ornamental shrubs and trees are also at risk to insect and disease. Using many of the same products that are applied to your lawn, we can manage those pests so that your landscape can thrive. The fertilization program that Advanced Turf Care will create for your landscape will help build a healthy plant. A healthy plant has a much better chance of fighting off disease and surviving insect activity.

Do you have an existing irrigation system that needs repair? Or are you interested in installing a new system? Advanced Turf Care has the ability to handle all of your irrigation needs.

While we specialize in Turf grass, we have the ability to design and install an entire new landscape. With Advanced Turf Care you will receive the highest level of service at a competitive price. We value each and every customer and understand the need for the highest level of customer service. It is our goal to exceed your expectations in all aspects.

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