Fescue is referred to as a Cool Season Turf grass. Fescue thrives during the spring, early summer and fall months of the year in North Georgia. The summer months are very stressful for Fescue. Fescue stays green year-round, however; during the summer its growth slows to a crawl. Depending on the severity of the summer we are experiencing, it may even enter a state of dormancy. It is essential to aerate and reseed Fescue every fall season. This process is what helps the lawn establish its lush green appearance in the Spring.

In Georgia, proper care of Fescue is essential. The calendar below indicates what needs to be done and when. Please also see our Specialty Services section under Fungicides treatments. Fescue is very susceptible to Brown Patch Fungus.

Early Spring

  • Pre-emergent, weed control and fertilizer application made in late February/early March.
  • Pre- emergent will control summer weeds and crabgrass; weed control will eliminate any weeds that are present. Fertilizer will stimulate growth.

Late Spring

  • Application made in late April/early May consists of fertilizer and weed control.
  • Fertilizer will help lawn sustain through the stressful summer months; weed control will eliminate weeds that may be present.

Early Summer

  • June application consisting of fertilizer and weed control as needed.

Late Summer

  • Mid August application consisting of lime and weed control as needed.
  • Lime will help prepare soil for aeration and seeding, also looking out for late summer weed activity.

Early Fall

  • Aeration, seed and starter fertilizer. Usually takes place in late September thru October.
  • This process will help rejuvenate the lawn for the following Spring.

Late Fall

  • Fertilizer and weed control application.
  • Fertilizer will stimulate growth of new seedlings.

Weed control will help control winter weeds that have started to germinate.

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