Shrub & Tree Service

Advanced Turf Care is also fully set up to deliver an Ornamental Shrub and Tree Care program.  This program is designed to manage disease and insect activity on your plant material.  The summer weather promotes this kind of activity on plant material the same way that it is promoted on Turfgrass.  Through the use of the safest and most recent products, Advanced Turf Care can manage the disease and insect activity to your landscape.  Our slow-release fertilizer application will help build a healthier plant.  A healthy plant is much more likely to fight off insect and disease activity.

Early Spring:

  • March application of horticultural oils.
  • Oils will help suppress insect larva remaining from previous year.

Late Spring:

  • May application of fungicide, insecticide, and miticide.
  • Application designed to make an aggressive start to controlling the year’s pests.

Early Summer:

  • Late June application of fungicide, insecticide, and miticide.
  • Conditions this time of the season are optimum for fungus and insect activity.

Late Summer:

  • Early August application of fungicide, insecticide, and miticide.
  • Late summer conditions can still provide for pest activity.


  • Slow release granular fertilizer application.
  • October temperatures provide for ideal fertilizer application.
  • Fertilizer will continue to release nutrients over a period of six months

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