There are several different insects that can potentially attack Southern turfgrass.  Advanced Turf Care has the ability to treat your lawn for any possible insect infestation.  Among others, two of the most common insects that you may see evidence of are grubs and Army Worms.  While Army Worms feed on the foliage and attack the actual grass blade, grubs will feed on the root structure of the lawn.  Below you can see a picture of the damage that Army Worms can do to a lawn.

Grubs are most certainly always present in the soil below your lawn.  Many times with adequate rainfall and ideal growing conditions, the lawn is able to sustain itself with some grub activity.  However, when stressful conditions occur, such as drought or extreme heat, the lawn may show symptoms of grub activity.

Tell tale signs include:

  • Pale lawn color.  The lawn will not appear as deep of a green as it normally would.
  • Loose grass blades.  The grass blades are very easy to pull up from the ground.
  • Mole tunneling.  Moles feed on grubs.  If you see a maze of mole tunnels in the lawn, an insecticide treatment is necessary.
  • Japanese beetles. Japanese beetles start their life as a grub.  A higher than normal Japanese beetle population indicates a high grub population.

Grubs can be treated on a preventative basis.  An insecticide treatment in the Spring will control grubs going into the Summer months.

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