Sprinkler System Installation & Repair


The temperatures that we commonly experience in Georgia will cause stress to your lawn without regular rainfall or irrigation. Recent advances in irrigation equipment technology have increased the efficiency of watering systems dramatically. An irrigation system can be an excellent investment in helping you protect your lawn – the benefits of regular, efficient watering often outweigh the costs of repairing or replacing a damaged lawn. Advanced Turf Care installs the most cost-effective sprinkler systems available, using the latest sprinkler heads and rain sensors to ensure that your lawn and plant material get the water they require in the most efficient manner possible.


Of course, irrigation systems have functioning parts that may fail over time.  Most of the time repairs to sprinkler systems are minor in nature. Do you have a system that you have not activated in a few years? Or do you have a mysterious saturated spot that you are seeing in your lawn? Advanced Turf Care can perform a thorough diagnosis on your irrigation system to locate problem areas and restore your system to proper working order.

Irrigation Helpful Hints:

  • Irrigate less frequently for longer durations. For example, it is more beneficial to water your lawn for one hour once a week rather than 15 minutes four times per week. Your grass roots will follow the moisture. If the moist soil is closer to the surface, this will result in a shallow root system. Your lawn needs deep roots. Watering less frequently for longer durations will encourage deeper root development by pushing moisture deeper into the soil.Winterize your systems. All irrigation systems should be winterized properly. Depending on your system, winterizing usually entails manually turning off the water to your system, then activating all zones in your system to release water pressure from the main supply piping. This process will minimize damage that may be caused by sub-freezing temperatures.Run your system at least once at the beginning of every Spring, even if moisture conditions do not require watering. Irrigation systems consist of valves and heads that have moving parts, and, similar to the engine in your car, these parts are designed to move.  Additionally, if your system was damaged by winter conditions, better to catch the problem early so that it will not lead to further damage.

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