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Advanced Turf Care North Carolina

Nice to meet you.

We're Advanced Turf Care.

I'm Andrew, and this is my lovely wife Carly, daughter Kate, and my four-legged partner-in-crime, Boss. Although I am a native of Roswell, Georgia, I love living in Charlotte and calling this city home! Thank y’all for having me and I’m excited to be here.

I started cutting grass for my neighbors in the third grade, and since then I have known I was born to be in the landscape industry. I love to work hard, explore new ideas, and be creative with what I do. As it turns out, those traits make a pretty good landscape guy!

Our Services

Lawn Care Services Near Me

Lawn Care

Our objective approach is driven by research done by our universities- so you get a weed-free lawn, guaranteed.

Shrub and Tree Care Services Belmont NC

Ornamental Shrub
& Tree Care

Comprehensive plan to protect your shrubs & ornamental trees from harmful pests, + year-round nutrients to keep them strong.

Aeration & Seeding Services Charlotte North Carolina

Aeration & Seeding

Add new life to your lawn by aerating and seeding your Fescue, using the BEST seed blends and fertilizer available.

Fire Ant Control Services Charlotte NC

Fire Ant Control Services

It’s simple – we spray your lawn and you don’t have ants for an entire year, what could be better than that?

Mosquito Control Services Near Me

Mosquito Control

Enjoy your yard free from annoying, disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Brown Patch Fungus Control Service

Brown Patch Fungus Control

Our state-of-the-art fungicide application program will give Brown Patch a beatdown. 


From the time I was young my parents taught me the importance of always being honest with people.  I see honesty as a crucial part of my business model.  This means that we will NEVER give you false information in order to increase our profits.  It also means that we are going to stand behind our work.  If we make an error, we are going to fix it.  No run-arounds, No games.


Having worked in the horticulture industry since 2001, I am well-versed with everything happening in your landscape.  From disease and insect identification to correct fertilization rates, I am ready to help.  Lawn and landscape are my passion and there is nothing I enjoy more than sharing my experience with you to make your lawn the best it can be.


I hear it ALL the time...landscapers aren't dependable.  Sadly our industry is filled with folks who don't follow through.  Not us.  If we say we are going to do something, we are going to do it.

Lawn Care Services Mt. Holly NC

Get in Touch

Reach out here and we will get back to you ASAP about your requested services, or questions.

Prefer to call? Sounds great to us. 


Phone: (704) 800-5955

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