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Advanced Turf Care Mission Statement

Advanced Turf Care provides high-end lawn care services. Our top priority is to deliver a service to our clients, in an environmentally responsible fashion, that leaves them feeling good about the dollars they are spending on their lawn. 

Lawn Seeding Near Me

20 years in the horticultural business will teach you a thing or two!

Advanced Turf Care started in September of 2019 by me, Andrew Powell. I am originally from Roswell, GA and moved to Charlotte in 2018. I have been in the green industry since 2001 and started my first company in 2009. In 2017 I sold that company (also called Advanced Turf Care) and moved to Charlotte. I enjoy the challenges that come from being an entrepreneur and I absolutely love the art of growing grass.

Core Values



Strong work ethics deliver extremely positive results. Our team members will work hard at their job so that they can feel good about the effort they’ve made that day.



Negativity breeds more negativity and poor work. A positive attitude in the workplace is essential for maximum performance as well as work satisfaction.



Everyone, including our clients, experiences hardship. Advanced Turf Care’s team members will always be mindful of others and provide support wherever possible.



Recovery from addiction and alcoholism is near to Advanced Turf Care's hearts. In fact, Andrew himself is an active member of recovery. Without recovery networks and rehabilitation centers, people would not be able to receive the help they need. Especially people who are less fortunate. We believe that any person suffering from alcoholism or addiction who wants help deserves every opportunity to receive it. Therefore, Advanced Turf Care gives annually to the Charlotte Rescue Mission.


"Andrew and the Advanced Turf Care team are committed to keeping lawns and their owners happy. Andrew’s knowledge of maintenance and prevention of disease and insects is perfect combination to make sure your yard thrives. He follows through and delivers making sure he keeps his customers happy."

-Deborah A.

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