Lawn Care

A weed-free lawn, guaranteed.  That’s what you’ll get. Our objective approach is driven by research done by our universities- so when it comes to your lawn, guesswork is gone.

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Athletic Field Turf


Custom athletic turf management programs designed to combat the high traffic wear and tear these fields endure.


Aeration & Seeding

Add new life to your lawn by aerating and seeding your Fescue. As we know, summer temperatures here create a tough environment for Fescue.  But rest assured that we use the BEST seed blends and fertilizer available to ensure your lawn will look brand new.


Fire Ant Control


It’s simple – we spray your lawn and you don’t have ants for an entire year.  Guaranteed!


Mosquito Control

Enjoy your yard free from annoying, disease-carrying mosquitoes. Our proven applications will give you back your outdoor space without the hassle of constantly applying toxic insect repellents or using citronella candles that won’t get the job done. Our applicators are trained to apply mosquito control in a safe manor to ensure maximum coverage and effectiveness.


Brown Patch Fungus


Our state-of-the-art fungicide application program will give Brown Patch a beatdown. In the south, it’s not a matter of if, but when Fescue will get Brown Patch Fugus. We think life is too short to settle for Brown Patch in your lawn.

Lawn Care

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A weed-free lawn, guranteed.


Bermuda & Zoysia


Pre-emergent, weed control and fertilizer application. Will control and kill any weeds that are present. High Nitrogen Fertilizer will stimulate growth.


Second Pre-emergent application to ensure your lawn remains free from crabgrass year round. Add weed control and High Nitrogen fertilizer.


Slow-Release Nitrogen fertilizer to prepare lawn for summer stress.  Spot weed control application as needed.


Root-strengthening, low Nitrogen fertilizer helping to sustain lawn through the summer heat.  Spot treatment for Nutsedge.


Application consisting of lime and weed control as needed. 


Core aeration, seed and starter fertilizer. We use premium seed, blended and top quality starter fertilizer designed to achieve optimum seed germination.


Fertilizer and weed control application will stimulate growth of new seedlings.  Application of herbicide.


Pre-emergent to control summer weeds and crabgrass; weed control will eliminate any weeds that are present.


Fertilizer will help lawn reach full color; weed control will eliminate weeds that may be present.


High, Slow-Release Nitrogen fertilizer to promote growth and weed control as needed.


Light fertilizer application also looking out for late summer weed activity including Nutsedge and broadleafs.


Pre-emergent application to control winter annual grasses (Poa Annua) and winter weeds.


Secondary pre-emergent application for added control over winter annual grasses and winter weeds.


Lime application to help balance and maintain soil pH.  Spot weed control application.

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